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(MYSTERY) Is Grock FDA Approved

(MYSTERY) Is Grock FDA Approved


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(Skype Video Transcript. Carlo Adrian, Freelance Writer. Danny Russo, Private Detective.)

Consumer Update : 2 days after our consumer protection website went public on the Internet,  Seregon Industries, owner of GTG Hard, was mysteriously dissolved in Florida.

GTG Hard has the same 14 mystery ingredients as Grockme.

But GTG Hard’s website was still online. GTG Hard was still charging customers credit cards under a company name that no longer existed.

When we last checked, there were No Terms and Conditions of Purchase anywhere on the GTG Hard website. This is very odd for an e-commerce website online.

Carlo Adrian : Okay, the next subject. Transcriber, Is Grock the letters FDA Approved.

Danny we are talking about going down the rabbit hole as they say. Now this connection between the Grockme and the Xrockme in the picture at the top of the web screen –

Danny Russo : – yes. The Xrockme Pill was banned by the FDA in 2013. The FDA banned Xrockme because they tested Xrockme and found illegal pharmaceutical drugs laced in the pill.

These drugs were not listed on the product label. But hidden in the Xrockme pill.

So the consumers buying the Xrockme pill with medical conditions were taking medical drug laced pill.

This Xrockme Site disappeared down the memory hole. Site was deleted.

Carlo : Danny the owner of this Xrockme site. And we will have more evidence on this later in this website. This man deleted the Xrockme site after the FDA ban.

But you were able to pull this Xrockme site back from the dead to get this evidence  –

Danny : – yes. I have a forensic IT gentleman. He is an expert on excavating. Almost like an archeologist. But dealing with the modern Internet. If you can imagine.

This IT expert is able to pull versions of web browsers as they existed years ago. And websites as they existed, back in time. Even if websites were deleted.

In the private investigation field, as more cases involve the Internet, and so forth, he’s been very useful.

Carlo : Danny what is disturbing. Is the Grockme FDA Approved if the Xrockme was banned by the FDA? We are asking the question.

Because there are so many similarities. Similar name. Same sales web copy on the websites.

And if we start, first, with Google Ads Division… Well, let’s start here. That the Grockme site is not even approved by Google Ads –

Danny : – yes. That’s –

Carlo : – and I will back up. Let me say –

Danny : – yeah, let’s give the viewers the background –

Carlo : Google Ads is the advertising division of Google. It used to be known as Google Adwords.

And Google Ads is the department of Google company how online businesses buy advertising.

This Google Ads Division will not even approve the Grockme business site for Direct Advertising. Now, I talked to [Edited]

Danny : So he is saying from a business perspective, because he buys online advertising.

He is saying there is something about sending online searchers to that business site that Google Ads does not want to be involved in.

My experience as – I’m talking as a regular guy online consumer. Google is very good. They are –

(Cross Talk)

Carlo : – yes, Google is a fantastic company for consumer protection. That is also my view.

You know, people go back and forth. Some things people not too hot about the Google…

But Google will vet these online businesses. And will not let them buy ads.

If Google sees something dangerous to the online consumers, they will not let a business buy ads.

But it seems this Grockme has found a way to slip through the cracks. Because you discovered –

Danny : – mysterious review sites are popping up buying ads for Grock.

One review site buying ads as a front for Grockme is called Male Enhancement Advisors. The URL is, transcriber,


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